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Medical Web Design and Development Process

Custom Medical Web Design at Low Prices

We know that medical website design process is fairly complex and it is almost impossible to apply standard templates which tend to be restrictive in nature. But our methodology helps us to design a customized medical website at low prices. We will make the process as interactive as you want and guide you through the intricacies of web design and what features make a website stand out from its other competitors.

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Step 1 – Discovery Phase - Review our website design questionnaire.

After we receive your communication expressing your interest in our medical website design services, we will send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out about your practice - customized for the size of the website that you need and your medical specialty. We use the questionnaire to develop your website. We will also request you to submit any images that you want to be included on your website (pictures of your office, physicians, staff member, logo (if any) and examination rooms) with your filled in questionnaire.

Step 2 – Discovery Phase - Assemble your website content

  • Write content
    A very good starting point for developing your website content is a set of brochures, informational sheets, or other literature. It is OK to review other websites for ideas but please write your own copy. Start with an outline of your complete website and build content by adding main topics for each page. Then add 1 or 2 paragraphs per page to start with. Revisit your content to revise and add more material incrementally. Do not forget to include physician biographies (education background and certifications, experience and other interests), any articles or papers published by your staff, patient testimonials, audio or video interviews about your practice or physicians, etc.

  • New Patient Forms
    It helps if you can direct your patients to download new patient forms, print them and fill them in before they come for their first appointment. You can save administrative time as well as money. We need digital versions of your new patient form. If you have only a hard copy, that is OK as well. We can scan in paper based forms and convert them to PDFs for use on your website.

  • HIPAA and Privacy Policy
    It is important to include your HIPAA privacy policy on your website as to how the medical information that you gather about your customers may be used and / or disclosed and how they can get access to this information.

  • Images and Photographs
    It is very likely that you already have a logo that your marketing agency must have designed for your clinic. We will need your original logo file in Photoshop or any other original format. Include the photographs of your physician team and office staff in formal and casual environment.

  • Color Scheme
    An attractive color scheme is very important from a web design perspective. At times, you may like the color scheme of a particular website. You can use to grab the colors from those website and send us the Hex codes of the colors that you want your website to use.

Step 3 - Complete our website design questionnaire

After you have decided on what is important to put up on your website, take the time to complete the questionnaire sent by us. Our questionnaire is based on a large number of websites that have been developed by our designers and contains enough details to allow us to design your medical website quickly and efficiently.

Step 4 – Submit your questionnaire

After we receive your completed questionnaire, we will schedule a call to discuss your vision for your web site. During the call, we will jointly review the questionnaire and ask additional questions about your preferences around some design aspects which may not be very clear to us from your responses.

Step 5 - Your medical website becomes live

We take less than 4 weeks to develop and take your web site live starting from our kick off call. We will use this time not only to develop but at the same time submit your web site to several directories and portals including Yahoo and Google.
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